Bulletin 166

Inspection of dams following earthquake - guidelines

Bulletin 146

Dams and Ressetlement - Lessons learnt and recommendations
Registre des Barrages

Registre des Barrages

The WRD is the best available data basis on dams in the world and we are constantly striving to better it.
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Bulletin 148

Selecting seismic parameters for large dams - Guidelines (revision of Bulletin 72)

Bulletin 156

Integrated flood risk management

Bulletin 157

Small dams: Design, Surveillance and Rehabilitation
Latest Bulletins

Latest Bulletins

Bulletins' Package: 4 Latest Bulletins

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- Bulletin 148

- Bulletin 157

- Bulletin 166

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85th ICOLD Annual Meeting

Prague, Czech Republic

3 - 7 July 2017


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LTBD 2017 in Tehran

"Long-Term Behavior and Environmentally Friendly Rehabilitation Technologies of Dams (LTBD 2017)"


17 – 19 October 2017

Tehran, IRAN


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ICOLD _Event

26th Congress & 86th ICOLD Annual Meeting

Vienna, Austria

1 - 7 July 2018


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"Dams and Climate Change" Workshop - Rabat - July 2016

“Dams and Climate Change” Workshop



ICOLD Technical Committee on Climate Change, Moroccan Committee on Large Dams and The Moroccan Government have jointly organized a Dams and climate change Workshop on July 11 2016 in Rabat.


This workshop was included in an international conference devoted to Water and Climate as one of the many preparatory meetings organized by Morocco before COP22.


Opening addresses were delivered by Mrs Charafat Afailal (Morocco), Delegated Minister for Water, Government of Morocco, ICOLD Secretary General Michel De Vivo and Mr. Jamal Mahfoud, President of the Moroccan Committee on Large Dams.



You can download below the presentations made during the workshop:



  • Dr. Denis Aelbrecht (France), Electricité de France - Centre d'Ingénierie Hydraulique (EDF-CIH), and Chairman of ICOLD Technical Committee on “Climate Change, Dams and Reservoirs”

Technical Vision of ICOLD on Dams, Reservoirs and Climate Change


  • Dr. Mxolisi Shongwe (Switzerland), IPCC Secretariat, World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Latest updates about the science of Climate Change


  • Dr. George Annandale (USA), international consultant, Member of ICOLD Technical Committee on “Climate Change, Dams and Reservoirs”

The need of new storage capacity


  • Dr. Amal Talbi-Jordan (USA), World Bank

World Bank action for securing Water Resources


  • Mr. Adama Nombre (Burkina-Faso), Committee of Large Dams of Burkina-Faso, Honorary President of ICOLD

The need to boost the construction of Dams and Reservoirs in Africa


  • Mr. Khalid El Ghomari (Morocco), Secretary General of Moroccan Committee on Large Dams

The policy of use of surface water resources in Morocco. Environmental integration of dams projects



The workshop conclusions were presented during the COP22 by Michel De Vivo.



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25th Congress of ICOLD in Stavanger (Norway) June 2015

The presentations from the Stavanger Congress are now available here.


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3 new bulletins : 156-152 -149 are available

ICOLD released 3 new bulletins

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Authors of Oxford study ignore real data about Itaipu and Renaissance dams

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Ending the Flood of Megadams: The $20 billion cost of the Itaipu Dam impaired Brazil’s finances for three decades,” hereinafter “Ending the Flood.”  The article was written by professor Flyvbjerg and doctor Ansar, both of whom are attached to the University of Oxford’s Said Business School.

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China: accelerating the building of hydroelectric dams

A new decision by Chinese authorities will change the conditions for hydropower development, until now in unfair competition with electricity from fossil fuels.

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Dams protected Columbia River from negative impacts of climate change

This is a study that anti-dam organizations won’t tell you about. Because it weakens most of their critics portraying dams as powerful agents of river destruction.

That study suggests on the contrary that large dams provide “ecological and engineering resilience” to climate change in the Columbia River basin.


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ICOLD President answers Oxford misleading study

Yes, we need to build more large dams for water storage and energy for sustainable development!

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Oroville Dam, ICOLD President intervenes on the radio

Oroville Dam, ICOLD President intervenes on the radio


By Michael Rogers and Emmanuel Grenier


Aerial View of the Oroville Dam (photo by California Department of Water Resources)


There is now a rush to repair the spillways at the Oroville Dam in Northern California and lower the water level in Lake Oroville before rain arrives again. It is feared that damage to an emergency spillway could dump large amounts of water into the Feather River, which runs through downtown Oroville. This fear led to the evacuation of nearly 200 000 people living under the lake. The main dam (235m high) was never in danger and remains safe. The Oroville Dam issue started with an unexplained structural failure of a lower part of the 3000-foot-long gated service spillway.


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World Press Review

You will find here a selection of articles from all over the world, put together in a single PDF file

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